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Difference between PPL and LAPL

A private pilot license (PPL) will allow you to fly any  aircraft around the world for a personal or recreational purposes. with a light aircraft pilot license  (LAPL) you are limited to small aircraft with maximum take off weight of 2000 kg . A PPL is an ICAO (worldwide) standard license, the LAPL was created by EASA and   to be flown witin europe .

Now in association with our partner in Hungary - FLY TEAM -

Kings Aviator can offer

LAPL License (Beginner)

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

Allows you to fly a light aircraft either solo or with friends in nice weather within europe.

PPL License

Private Pilot’s Licence

Allows the holder to fly as a pilot in command of an aircraft privately (not for remuneration).The license are recognised by the international civil aviation organization.



Ground & Flight Instruction

Aviation English

Achieve operational level 4-6

English language communication skills for pilots .


Small airplane tour

Enjoy a one hour private sightseeing flight at affordable rate

Online ground school

PPL / ATPL 100% online ground school

The full PPL/ATPL  online course including EASA question bank + books and  materials